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Call for Papers 


All honorable authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research papers. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Energy useMaterials Science and Engineering Technology are cordially invited for presentation at the conference.


The conference solicits contributions of papers that address themes and topics of the conference, including figures, tables and references of novel research material.


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Topics Covered


  • TOPICS: The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

1. Energy Engineering

(1) Dynamic Design of Machinery

(2) New Energy and Renewable Energy Technology

(3) Wind Power Technology

(4) Thermal Power Stations

(5) Energy Systems Technology

(6) Thermal Power and Control Engineering

(7) Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering and Fluid Machinery

(8) Engineering Thermodynamics

(9) Energy Environment Engineering

(10) Fluid Machine

(11) Thermal Energy and Power Testing Technology

(12) Development and Establishment of Energy Base

(13) Combustion Pollution and Environment

(14) Refrigeration Equipment and Automatization

(15) Electric Equipment of Power Plants

(16) Solar Energy Utilization Technology

(17) Cryo Fundamentals and Technology

(18) Heat and Mass Transfer Calculation

(19) Air conditioning and automatization

(20) Principles of Relay Protection

(21) Automatic Control of Thermal Process

(22) Energy-saving Principle and Technology

(23) Natural Gas Extraction and Comprehensive Utilization Technique

(24) Solar Photovoltaic Principles and Application

(25) Energy and power systems refrigeration technique

(26) Thermal Machine and Automotive Engineering

(27) Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

(28) Fluid Machine System Simulation and Control

(29) Energy and Chemical Industry

(30) Structure and Design of Internal-combustion Engine


2. Materials Engineering

(31Electronic Information Material

(32) Environmental Protection Material

(33) Advanced Composite

(34) Biological Composite

(35) Advanced Energy Materials

(36) Materials Smelting

(37) Films Preparation Technique

(38) Ceramic Composite Material

(39) Materials Joining

(40) Processing of Metal Forming

(41) Materials Surface Protection

(42) Smart Materials/Smart Systems

(43) Powdered Material Preparation

(44) Material Processing and Formation

(45) Surface Engineering/Coating

(46 ) Inorganic Nano-materials

(47) Formation and Processing of High Molecular Material

(48) Optics/Electron/Magnetic Material

(49) Vibration-proof Material and Design

(50) New Functional Materials

(51) Normal Heat Treatment of Metal Materials

(52) Material Preparation and Surface Modification

(53) Formation and Solidification of Powdered Material

(54) New Type of Inorganic Materials and the Preparative Technique

(55) CAD of Materials

(56) Materials Testing and Evaluation of Mould

(57) Craft of Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

(58) Olymerization of High Molecular Material

(59) Liquid and Semi-solid Formation of Metal

(60) Preparation and Processing of Metallic Composite


3. Manufacturing Engineering

(61) Electrician and Application of Electronic Technique

(62) Manufacturing Technology

(63) Electrical Control and Repair of Equipment

(64) Material of Mechanical Engineering

(65) Precise Electromechanical Device

(66) Unit Operations

(67) Plastic Composite

(68) Bioengineering

(69) Chemical Reaction Engineering

(70) Principles of Fine Organic Synthesis

(71) Principles of Genetic Engineering

(72) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

(73) Biopharmacy

(74) Food Processing

(75) Petroleum Refining

(76) Smart Machinery

(77) Industrial Robot

(78) Modern Equipment Management

(79) Operation and Maintenance of Numerical Control Equipment

(80) Automatic Testing of Electromechanical Device

(81) Application and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

(82) Installation and Debugging of Mechanical System

(83) Information Processing Technology and Automatization

(84) Electromechanical Engineering and Automatization

(85) Computer Technology

(86) Metal Materials

(87) Catalyst Manufacturing

(88) Nanotechnology

(89) Chemical Machinery

(90) Cell Culture Engineering